Skin & Coat

skin-and-coat-july2019.jpgEquine Skin and Coat Supplements

A healthy coat starts at the roots. Maintain your horse’s healthy coat with MVP’s line of skin and coat supplements. Our supplements are made with natural, healthy ingredients filled with nutrients to give your horse that strong, sleek look.

You want your horse to perform his very best at shows and rodeos, but a strong ride is only half the battle. Not only does a shiny coat earn points in the pen, healthy skin and a strong coat also act as a barrier to protect your horse against harmful bacteria and infections. Our line of skin and horse coat supplements provide essential vitamins and minerals, as well as fatty acids, such as omega 3s and omega 6s, that help support skin cell health. In turn, healthy skin results in a shiny, show-stopping coat that will have everyone turning heads.

MVP’s skin and coat supplements double as an aid for keeping your horse’s skin healthy and helping it look its very best. If you want a healthy, quality product that can help your horse look and feel good, look no further than MVP’s horse coat supplements.

Exceed 6-Way (Pellets)

Exceed 6-Way is Clinically Researched, a New Generation product that provides high levels of key ingredients for multi-level support in the following areas: Joints  ...

Starting at $101.90
Flaxin 3 (Meal)

FLAXIN 3™ provides a source of whole ground stabilized flax that is calcium:phosphorus balanced. In addition chelated minerals (zinc and copper), are added to support normal melanin production and healthy hair coat integrity. Direct fed microbials...

Starting at $81.55
Omegas (Meal)

Omega's ™combines a unique blend of linoleic (Omega-6) and linolenic (Omega-3) fatty acids, sourced from flax seed, wheat germ, soy and coconut oil. Omega's™ key ingredients provide daily support for healthy skin and hair coat, along with an...

Starting at $55.90
5-In-1 H/A (Pellets)

5 In 1 H/A is a "complete combination" product containing high levels of active ingredients to properly support: Joints, Hoof, Coat, Digestion and Vitamins.  This unique ingredient combination targets all key areas of your horses's health with a...

Starting at $127.75
4-In-1 H/A (Pellets)

4-in-1 H/A combines glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid (to support healthy joint function), biotin (to support healthy hoof growth), omega 3 & 6 (to support healthy hair coat),...

Starting at $72.40
4-In-1 (Meal)

4-in-1 combines glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate (to support healthy joint function), biotin (to support healthy hoof growth), omega 3 & 6 (to support healthy hair coat), and probiotics (to support a healthy digestive system).  Apple...

Starting at $54.50