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Whether you're looking to promote overall health and performance, address specific health conditions, or promote overall vitality, MVP has you covered. Our comprehensive approach combines high-quality supplements, science based ingredients and expert guidance to help ensure your horse receives the care it deserves.

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Horse Overall Wellness

Overall Wellness

Comprehensive formulas for horse health and performance

Foal Care

Foal Care

Help promote a strong and healthy foundation

Horse Healing


Aid your horse's recovery and well-being with our nutritional support

Horse Hoof Care

Hoof Care

Lay a solid foundation for soundness with our hoof care formulas

Senior Horse

Senior Horse

Care for your aging horse's long-term health and well-being

Horse Immunity


Boost your horse's immunity with our essential formulas

Inflammation in Horses


Formulas designed to support a normal inflammatory respone

Horse Calming


Find peace of mind with our calming formulas

Horse Colic Health


Ingredients to support gastric and digestive health

Horse Muscle Support Recovery

Muscle Disorders

Formulas to help support horses with common muscle disorders and help promote muscle health

Horse Neurologic Health


Ingredients to support healthy equine neurologic function

Horse Skin & Coat

Skin & Coat

Supplements to help support a shiny coat and healthy skin

Diarrhea in Horses


Targeted ingredients to support equine intestinal health

Horse Stomach Health

Stomach Health

Help promote a healthy stomach, appetite, and digestion

Horse Tendon & Ligament

Tendon & Ligament

Provide the necessary building blocks for strong connective tissue

Horse Vitamin E & Selenium Deficiency

Vitamin E/Selenium Deficiency

Ingredients to help address deficiencies and support various muscle health conditions

Horse Weight Gain and Management

Weight Gain and Management

Help manage weight in overweight or underweight horses

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