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  • Gastro-Plex (Pellets)

    Gastro-Plex (Pellets)

    starting at $70.45

    GASTRO-PLEX™ Pellets provide targeted ingredients to help maintain healthy stomach tissue lining, prebiotics and probiotics for normal digestion and also includes Levucell® SC*, a...

  • Exceed 6-Way (Pellets)

    Exceed 6-Way (Pellets)

    starting at $119.95

    Exceed 6-Way makes it easy to give your horse a high level joint, hoof, gastric, digestive, and coat support in an all-in-one formula, at a savings of over 25% compared to purchasing individually...


Real Horses. Real Results.

Amazing Support!

I began my three horses, one AQHA mare, one AQHA gelding, and an OTTB on Exceed 6 way at the end of February. I have seen many positive changes in all of them! My geldings seem more calm, perform at a higher level, and recover quicker from hard training sessions and competitions.

Dalynn Shinholster - 4/10/24

So Helpful!

I started my mare on this because in winter months she gets such a snotty nose and would cough. After starting her on this she hasn’t been coughing at all and she hasn’t had a snotty nose anymore! This is a game changer for my mare!!!

Hailey Zurakowski - 4/17/23

Real Results

We initially received a sample bucket at a clinic and started feeding it the next day. Within a week, we could see our horses that haul a bunch not looking drawn down or tired afterwards. Now that we’ve been using it several months, everyone looks great and even our 29 year-old has his top line back. Love this stuff!! Thanks, MVP!

Holly Williams - 3/14/24

Great Product!

Our horse was diagnosed with EPM. We used Eclipse to supplement the treatment we were giving. We saw improvement after one week on Eclipse. We use it daily to aid in his symptoms.

Carol Jordan - 4/23/24

Gastro-Plex (Paste)

I have an anxious mare. I noticed a huge difference in her when she has this paste vs not. She’s happier, more focused before a run. I’ll never go without it

Emily Bolda - 11/3/23

LUV this stuff!!!

My horses have been on this product a little of 2 weeks now and they feel fantastic! They really seem to like eating it as well! The recovery time I noticed is so much better as far as how they feel the next day with a 3 day show and running each day! They felt great each day, seemed relaxed and not sore or sluggish! I will have this product part of our feeding program and routine from now on!

Christy Drummond - 12/13/23

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Estimate Your Horse's Body Weight To Help Determine Nutritional Requirements

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