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Take performance to the next level with MVP. Our equine supplements provide the ultimate support for horses of all disciplines and ages. All of our products use the highest quality ingredients that can aid in your horse’s health and nutrition in a variety of ways. From endurance supplements to joint health, our products can help provide peak performance and enhanced health and wellness.

Laminex (Pellets)

 Concentrated Nutritional Support for foundered horses:   Laminex™ provides a concentrated source of key ingredients (msm, magnesium, biotin, devil's claw) to support circulation of blood vessels to the laminae within the hoof...

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Levelor (Meal)

LEVELOR™ is recommended to help support healthy hormonal/nervous system. Supports a quiet disposition in Mares and Geldings!   Taurine and Magnesium to promote calmness  Contains dried Raspberry Leaf, which has been known to help...

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Magnesium 5,000 (Pellets)

Magnesium 5,000™ is recommended to help support normal muscle function and support glucose metabolism.  Provides (per 2 oz): 5,000 mg magnesium.   Magnesium helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, a healthy heart,...

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Mare-Foal II-P (Pellets)

Mare/Foal II-P™ is a comprehensive formula of minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and probiotics for gestating and lactating mares, foals, yearlings and two-year olds. Vitamins Minerals Trace Minerals Probiotics   #BELOW...

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Mega-Cell (Pellets)

Mega-Cell™ (Pellet) is a well balanced multi-vitamin and mineral supplement formulated to coincide with current NRC (National research council) recommended daily requirements, to accommodate feeding programs consisting of grass type hays (timothy,...

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Mega-Mag (Pellets)

Mega-Mag™ (Pellet) is a well balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement formulated to coincide with current NRC (National research council) recommended daily requirements, to accomodate feeding programs consisting of ALFALFA HAY/grain based diets...

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MVP Hat (Mens Flex Fit)

Classic trucker Men's Flex Fit hat (mesh back).   Standard Cotton or Poly Twill fabric with MVP logo. #BELOW RATING #LABEL/DIRECTIONS #INGREDIENT GLOSSARY #FAQS

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MVP Hat (Navy Star Mesh)

Get one of the featured MVP Ball Caps from the 2019 RFDTV Events - The American!   3D MVP embroidery.  Classic Trucker Hat, high profile.  Standard Cotton or Poly Twill fabric. Stretchy Mesh back.  Velcro closure...

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MVP Puffer Vest

This trendy puffer vest delivers the warmth you want without the weight. It's perfect for wearing with a long-sleeve shirt on cool days at the race or for layering when the temperature drops. It's crafted from 100% nylon for durability and is generously...

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Mystic Mare (Powder)

Supports a quiet disposition in mares and geldings.   MYSTIC MARE™ is an herbal supplement recommended for mares with hard cycles and to help support healthy hormonal/nervous system. May help your mare become more comfortable during her...

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Natural E 5,000 (Pellet)

Immune system function Muscle Function A recent study from the University of Minnesota Equine Neuromuscular Diagnostic Laboratory, as reported by Dr. Carrie Finno, states that Natural Vitamin E may be up to 2 - 2 1⁄2 times more bioavailable...

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Omegas (Meal)

Omega's ™combines a unique blend of linoleic (Omega-6) and linolenic (Omega-3) essential fatty acids, sourced from flax seed, wheat germ, soy and coconut oil. Omega's™ key ingredients provide nutritional support for general health, skin/hair,...

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Sand Free (Pellets)

Sand-Free™ is an all-natural source of Psyllium combined with Direct Fed Microbials (probiotics), often used in areas where sand is present. Absorbs water in the intestines to form a gel-like substance to aid in removal of sand and may help reduce...

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Turmeric 2X

      Strength/Potency BioPerine® added for bioavailability     Turmeric™ is a potent antioxidant that helps fight oxidative stress and supports normal inflammatory response for overall health. Contains...

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