metabolic-july2019.jpgEquine Metabolism Support

A horse’s metabolism is responsible for converting calories to energy for its basic functions. Like people, some horses may have a metabolic condition that makes maintaining an ideal weight difficult, even with an appropriate diet and established exercise plan. Although you should work closely with your veterinarian to establish a healthy diet and exercise plan, an equine metabolic supplement can help your horse achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


Equine metabolic supplements contain ingredients like magnesium, chromium, and more to support normal insulin and glucose levels and help your horse achieve a healthy weight. At MVP, we offer several horse supplements that are designed to help support a healthy metabolism. MVP’s products use healthy, premium ingredients that promote healthy glucose levels and insulin function. If you’ve tried different diets and exercise plans for your horse and are still struggling to get him to the ideal weight, now is the time to try a trusted and true metabolic supplement from MVP.


Anti-Carb (Pellets)

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!   Supports Glucose Metabolism Antioxidants Laminitis/Hoof Support Contains (per 2oz): 10,000 mg magnesium and 5mg chromium (yeast). Magnesium (5,000-6,500 mgs) and Chromium (2-4mgs) daily, provide...

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Carb-X (Meal)

  Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!   Contains (per 1 oz): 6,000 mg magnesium and 4 mg chromium (yeast). Magnesium (5,000-6,500 mgs) and Chromium (2-4mgs) daily, provide excellent nutritional support to aid in the reduction of blood...

Starting at $77.90
D-Carb Balance (Pellets)

D-Carb™ (Balance) supports glucose metabolism in order to help maintain proper blood sugar levels within a normal range. Since high carbohydrate levels (found in grain and rich alfalfa hay) are often restricted in IR diets, it is important to...

Starting at $61.45
Laminex (Pellets)

 Concentrated Nutritional Support for foundered horses:   Laminex™ provides a concentrated source of key ingredients (msm, magnesium, biotin, devil's claw) to support circulation of blood vessels to the laminae within the hoof...

Starting at $130.45
Magnesium 5,000 (Pellets)

Magnesium 5,000™ is recommended to help support normal muscle function and support glucose metabolism.  Provides (per 2 oz): 5,000 mg magnesium.   Magnesium helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, a healthy heart,...

Starting at $38.75