metabolic-july2019.jpgEquine Metabolism Support

A horse’s metabolism is responsible for converting calories to energy for its basic functions. Like people, some horses may have a metabolic condition that makes maintaining an ideal weight difficult, even with an appropriate diet and established exercise plan. Although you should work closely with your veterinarian to establish a healthy diet and exercise plan, also consider a supplement designed to support healthy metabolism. Ingredients like magnesium and chromium are importan to support normal insulin and glucose levels and help your horse achieve a healthy weight.


Anti-Carb (Pellets)

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!   Supports Glucose Metabolism Antioxidants Pellets Contains (per 2oz): 10,000 mg magnesium and 5mg chromium (yeast). Magnesium (5,000-6,500 mgs) and Chromium (2-4mgs) daily, to support healthy/normal...

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Carb-X (Meal)

  Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!   Contains (per 1 oz): 6,000 mg magnesium and 4 mg chromium (yeast). Magnesium (5,000-6,500 mgs) and Chromium (2-4mgs) daily, to help support healthy/normal blood glucose levels.   Supports...

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D-Carb Balance (Pellets)

D-Carb™ (Balance) supports healthy glucose metabolism in order to help maintain proper blood sugar levels within a normal range. Since high carbohydrate levels (found in grain and rich alfalfa hay) are often restricted in diets, it is important to...

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Laminex (Pellets)

Laminex™ provides a concentrated source of key ingredients (msm, magnesium, biotin, devil's claw) to support circulation and a normal imflammatory response.  After supplementing Laminex™ for 8-12 weeks, products such as...

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Magnesium 5,000 (Pellets)

Magnesium 5,000™ is recommended to help support normal muscle function and support glucose metabolism.  Provides (per 2 oz): 5,000 mg magnesium.   Magnesium helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, a healthy heart,...

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