Fly Control

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Flies and other insects can wreak havoc on your horse’s temperament and even health. Insects are more than just annoying to you and your horse—they have the potential to spread harmful disease, cause infections, and irritate the skin, not to mention the constant foot stomping and restlessness. MVP offers a range of insect control supplements that can help keep away biting flies and other pesky bugs.


There’s nothing worse than a fly that persistently swarms and bites your horse. Especially during the summer months, your horse probably spends a lot of time outdoors training and/or showing. Your horse is bound to sweat and in return, pesky flies and other insects will descend and swarm your horse. To help protect your horse from flies and other insects, consider introducing MVP’s insect control supplement into his diet.

MVP’s insect control supplements contain all-natural ingredients that will help repel biting and annoying insects. Once the product is ingested, it will pass through your horse’s digestive system and into the manure. It’s best to give the supplement to your horse prior to the start of fly season in order to keep flies and other potentially harmful insects away from your horse. Of course, MVP uses premier ingredients in its products, and our horse fly control products are no different. 



FLIES-A-WAY™ contains all natural ingredients to help repel biting insects. Diatomaceous Earth is added to help prevent fly larvae from hatching in the manure. For best results, feed FLIES-A-WAY™ to ALL horses on your property, begin feeding...

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