electrolytes-july2019.jpgElectrolyte Supplements for Your Endurance Horse

You horse works hard. Whether you’re hauling him/her in a trailer, training, or competing, your horse is going to sweat. Especially during exercise, the body’s electrolyte balance can begin to shift. In order to replace lost electrolytes and keep your horse comfortable and healthy, introduce MVP’s equine electrolytes supplements into his/her diet.


Just like you would for any athlete, restoring your horse’s electrolytes is essential to maintaining  health and helping its performance. Dehydration as well as a loss of electrolytes in horses can have serious consequences, such as colic—painful blockage and twisting of the intestines, which can lead to death. A dehydrated horse will also experience signs of lethargy, making training and competing not only challenging but dangerous. It’s important to provide you horse with electrolytes to replace lost minerals and avoid dehydration.

Electrolyte supplements can support healthy hydration by replenishing important body concentrations of salt and electrolyte minerals that are lost in sweat in the summer or during intense exercise. MVP’s horse electrolyte solid supplements are flavored so not only will they maintain your horse’s hydration and health, but they’ll also taste like a treat. We also make water-soluble supplements, so when mixed with water, your horse will be eager to drink up! MVP offers a variety of different electrolyte supplements for horses so you can pick and choose one that will best restore your horse’s electrolyte levels.


Apple-Lyte (Meal)

Apple-Lyte™ is a highly palatable apple flavored source of electrolytes and trace minerals indicated to be used during periods of stress and/or dehydration, as a nutritional/ electrolyte supplement.  Apple Flavored! Directions for use: Horses:...

Starting at $23.40
Electro-Cell (Paste)

  Electro-Cell II™ provides key ingredients, salt (chloride & sodium), potassium & direct fed microbials to be used during periods of stress and/or dehydration. Glycine (amino acid) enhances the electrolyte absorption...

Starting at $10.95