Dehydration as well as a loss of electrolytes in horses can have serious consequences. Consider providing electrolytes to horses that have been sweating heavily or you expect to do so to help replace lost minerals and avoid dehydration. A balanced electrolyte supplement is designed to replace what is lost from perspiration and encourage water consumption. Make sure your horse has plenty of fresh, cool water at all times. MVP provides both a daily fed electrolyte as well as a paste to help restore electrolytes and keep your horse balanced during periods of heat and stress.


Apple-Lyte (Meal)

Apple-Lyte™ is a highly palatable apple flavored source of electrolytes and trace minerals indicated to be used during periods of stress and/or dehydration. Formulated to reflect the proportions of sodium, chloride, potassium, & phosphorus...

Starting at $23.40
Electro-Cell (Paste)

  Electro-Cell II™ provides key ingredients, salt (chloride & sodium), potassium & direct fed microbials to be used during periods of stress and/or dehydration. Glycine (amino acid) enhances the electrolyte absorption...

Starting at $10.95