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"My horse was making bad runs, blowing barrels, shutting down, everything in the book and after using this paste he was better than ever and made a fast clean run!
Love MVP and love Gastro-plex!!"

- Melody Shepard

GASTRO-PLEX™ Paste is an excellent choice for use during periods of stress - Horse shows, hauling, competition.  Before you try yet another calming paste, try Gastro-Plex paste! Nerves can be stemmed from gastric upset or the increased gastric acid produced during periods of stress. A calming supplement will not take care of the problem if the underlying issue is gastric upset. There are many similar factors that can impact your horse’s gut health including stress, diet, and some medications.


Barrel Racers/Competitors:  Provide 1 - 2 hrs prior to run/event!! 













Extra support for healthy gut function when you need it most!

Gastro-Plex Paste is recommended to help support healthy gut function during periods of stress, such as showing, hauling, or recovery. The key ingredients in this comprehensive formula include gelatin and amino acids to help soothe and support the stomach lining. In addition, it provides prebiotics and probiotics to support normal digestive function. 2-doses per tube.



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Gelatin is the name for cooked collagen which is the most abundant protein found in our body. It is primarily made up of the amino acids glycine and proline. Supports a healthy stomach lining/gut mucosa by providing a natural protective barrier against the abrasiveness of gastric juices.

Glycine is one of the simplest amino acids and is classified as nonessential because it does not need to be supplied in the diet. However, this compact substance plays many essential roles in the body. Glycine makes up 35% of the protein collagen, is a key component in many metabolic reactions, and has a modulating effect on the immune system. It has also been shown to help promote a balanced digestive system.

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, especially in muscle tissue. Glutamine is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid. It helps support a natural inflammatory response within the GI Tract as well as a healthy immune system.

Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) are prebiotics composed of complex carbohydrate molecules, derived from the outer cell wall of S. cerevisiae, whose main components, β-glucans (mannoproteins) are known to support immune function. Prebiotics are sources of non-digestible, soluble fiber that serve as food for the probiotics or "good" bugs in the large intestine.

Licorice is one of the most widely used herbs for people and animals in both Western and Chinese medicine. Sweet and soothing, it supports a natural inflammatory response in the gastric system. The deglycyrrhized form is preferred as it eliminates the risk of adverse side effects when plant is used whole.

Prebiotics act as food for the probiotics or "good" bugs in the large intestine. Prebiotics help promote gastrointestinal health in turn supporting a natural immune response.

Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) that help promote healthy digestive function and support a healthy immune system. Often referred to as ‘good bugs’ they help break down ingredients/contents that the body normally can't, and help inhibit ‘bad bugs’ from growing.


If my horse gets Gastro-Plex pellets daily, does he still need the Gastro-Plex paste?

MVP:  Gastro-Plex pellets provide a complete formula for daily gastric support, however Gastro-Plex paste is recommended as an added boost for gastric support 1-2 hours prior to competition.  The active ingredients in Gastro-Plex (Paste) provides a more immediate, yet temporary, soothing affect to the stomach during periods of stress as it provides a protective coating which helps to suppress the abrasiveness of the gastric juices.


If I am showing for a full day, can or should I give a second dose at some point?

MVP:  The Gastro-Plex paste typically lasts up to 6 hours, though this may vary between horses. You are completely safe and able to administer a second dose after approximately 6 hours.


Is the Gastro-Plex paste safe to use with Calmex-V paste?

MVP:  Yes! The Gastro-Plex paste is usually enough to do the trick alone, but in those cases where you horse needs a little extra support you may also use the Calmex-V paste. We recommend giving the Calmex-V paste approx. 30 minutes prior to the Gastro-Plex paste to allow time for absorption. Another option would be to use the Edge 180 paste, it contains many of the same active ingredients as the Gastro-Plex and Calmex-V pastes with added CBD!  


5 out of 5 (12 Reviews)
Melody Shepard Jan 19th 2021


My horse was making bad runs, blowing barrels, shutting down, everything in the book and after using this paste he was better than ever and made a fast clean run!
Love MVP and love Gastro-plex!!

kayla Jones Oct 14th 2019

I have my horse back!!!

I tried Gastroplex paste on my 8 year old barrel horse over the weekend for the first time. He is normally very high strung and tends to loose focus very bad. I am over the moon excited with how he performed over the weekened, knocking off a second from friday to saturday!! I was feeling so I feel like there is hope!!! I cannot thank you enough!! Super fast shipping also!!

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