Barrel Racer


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Career Highlights:

I’m the only person to win all three rounds at the BFA World Championship Barrel Futurity on the same horse in the history of the event. I held a top position in earnings at futurities for 10 or more years and have trained several World Champion and NFR qualifier horses. I am also a Barrel Horse clinician who believes that good horsemanship is a must if you are going to be successful as a trainer or competitor.

Horses you travel with:

Kate’s Always First, Gracies Lane, MP One Day At A Time

What is the most memorable event/competition in your career thus far and why?

Winning all three rounds at the BFA World Championship Barrel Futurity on Willy Nick Bar 1997. Also competing on Kate at Rodeo Houston and winning a round there. Actually, every time I get to compete on Kate has been memorable!

What is the most unique habit or behavior your horse has?

Kate licks me like a dog and likes to drink my Cokes right out of the can. 

What celebrity would your horse be?

I don’t have a celebrity in mind, but she would sing the song FAME by Irene Cara from the movie soundtrack. The lyrics describe her personality and attitude perfectly.

What motivates you?

My horses.

What is one tip or piece of advice you would give to your fans/competitors?

Love the preparation process. Training young horses, seasoning a rodeo horse or preparing for major rodeo competition, because that’s what you will spend the bulk of your time doing.

What do you like to do for fun outside of the arena?

Spend time with my girls and grandson. And shopping. 

What is your biggest health concern for your horse when competing?

Lameness, gastric issues and possibility of bleeding.


What MVP Supplements do you currently use?


Exceed 6-Way, In-Sync, Gastro-Plex paste, Gastro-Plex (paste), Re-Inforcer EQ, Mega-Mag