Performance Pastes


A performance paste can provide additional support to your horse on the days you need ultimate focus, speed, and performance. Stomach upset, dehydration, nervousness, and breathing issues are the most common factors that prevent horses from achieving peak performance.




Breathe'O2 (Paste)

    2-Way Support: Lung/Airway science-based actives High level B Vitamins - Oxygen/Energy      BREATHE'-O2™ contains science-based active ingredients to support lung/air-way function by soothing nasal passages and...

Starting at $18.50
Calmex V (Paste)

Calmex-V paste contains natural ingredients along with Valerian Root and now Tryptophan, to help support healthy nervous system. Often used as a supplemental aid in performance, show and race horses.  Excellent for competition, training and...

Starting at $8.25
Electro-Cell (Paste)

  Electro-Cell II™ provides key ingredients, salt (chloride & sodium), potassium & direct fed microbials to be used during periods of stress and/or dehydration. Glycine (amino acid) enhances the electrolyte absorption.  ...

Starting at $10.95
Gastro-Plex (Paste)

    GASTRO-PLEX™ is recommended to help support healthy gut function. Often used prior to and during event competition. Excellent for use during periods of stress - Horse shows, hauling, competition.   Barrel...

Starting at $11.95