“Since I've been using MVP, I have less soundness issues in my barn. My horses eat it well and they all look fit and healthy.”


Career Highlights:

San Antonio Mercuria Champion

West Texas Mercuria Reserve Champion

2x 4 YO Limited Open Champion (Super Stakes & Derby)

2018 4 YO Open Champion at Abilene Spectacular

2017 5/6 Open Champion at Southern Cutting Horse Futurity

2016 Western Nationals Open Champion

2015 Waco Highest Open Money Earner


Cullen’s Horses:

One Alley Cat (Herc), Miss Lacey (Shoog), Entirely Smoken (Poncho), Hey Boo Boo (Howie), Dual Rey's Prettyboy (Pretty Boy), Metallic D Nero (Dinero), Iridescent Cat (Richie), Reychel, Blues Hot (Pablo), High Stylin' CD (Jones), Smooth Dualin' Legacy (To), Cattalou, and Katz Flash (Joey)


What is the most memorable event/competition in your career thus far and why?

Winning the 2018 Abilene Spectacular on One Alley Cat. I was so excited to show Herc again, after his 222 run in the 2017 Futurity, followed by bad luck in the 2nd go. We had just sold him to Tom and Hilary Watson, which are special people to us, and he is a special horse to them.

What motivates you?

Competition. Growing up I have always been huge into sports, and always wanted to be a professional athlete. This is my avenue to do that. I thrive on competition, and riding horses allows me to make a living while competing at a top level.


Cullen’s Advice:

In this sport, there will be a lot of ups and downs, but on the bad days, you have to keep a positive attitude. If you keep working hard, the good days will come.

What do you like to do for fun outside of the arena?

I like to work out, do anything sports related, and play video games.

What is your biggest health concern for your horse when competing?

Ligament soundness

Cullen’s MVP Essentials:


Exceed 6 Way, Gastro-Plex, Gastro-Plex (paste)